Why Purbasthali II Govt. ITI? 

PURBASTHALI-II GOVT. ITI is an institute that provides students with impressive opportunities to succeed in their lives. It offers the technical knowledge that students need to prove themselves in the practical field. The Institute makes them eligible for today’s technology and provides them with the knowledge that they need to understand the continuous changes in the industrial field. The industrial sector is changing rapidly because of technological advancement, and the faculty makes sure that students can gain the proficiency to adopt the changes and solve any kind of issues in the field. PURBASTHALI-II GOVT. ITI understands the need for financial independence, and that’s why, besides gaining knowledge, it also helps them to expand their networks and provides them with excellent opportunities. The students are trained so that they can prove themselves as industry-eligible and shine bright in their field. Students’ career is the priority here, and supporting the economy is the responsibility. 

Guaranteed Success

Our Features



We believe that education remains imperfect without proper communication skills. We provide our students the best method for learning communication with well established seminar hall and laboratory. Apart from well communication we thrive continuously to deliver a balanced smartness skill among our pupil. Industry always require a smart human with excellent practical knowledge. In this view, we recruit highly experienced faculty members who always devote themselves to deliver practical training with the aid of modern equipment in our workshop. By conducting numerous number of seminars a student gets balanced knowledge of communication and presentation skill as in real life case. And having the well maintained workshop thus provide a versatile practical skill which add a finishing touch to the aforesaid.


There are so many students who dream of creating their own space in this industrial revolution. If all remain busy to be a pawn of other then there will be no one for creating new area for brilliancy in this contemporary competitive scenario. It is indeed a fact that if we don’t encourage them to think out of the box, it will certainly drive them in a way where only trained skill will get its value. We are continuously putting our best effort to provide them a gallant nature by virtue of which many of them have now holding honorable positions in giant conglomerates. Apart from that some of them have started their own business which are in turn creating a huge job opportunity for their succeeding youth generation. Our faculties not only provide so called conventional education but also create a spark among the young minds to be someone precious. We help them visualize the true potential of being a leader as we believe only leaders can change the socio economical face of our country.


There are multiple examples of a professional conducting cultural development in our present day world. Only having day to day job will definitely put an end to the another excellent creative face of the young talents. Cultural exploration makes a person’s life as colourful and enthusiastic. Thus we have a wide area in this busy schedule of education where students can explore their creativity in cultural field. A multi skilled person is honoured everywhere. Thus we embolden our beloved students to cherish their life with different cultural activities. Many of them possess excellency in different aspects like singing, dancing, playing varieties of musical instruments alongside with brilliancy in education. We provide them a platform in different occasion including an annual festival where they can show their expertise in a versatile cultural universe. Our unique endeavour helps them to flourish their true potential.


It is evident that a place is completely insecure to live if proper medical facility is absent over there. We provide our students the best medical treatment over others. We have the best modern method of treatment introduced lately. In case of common sickness the consultation is done via virtual conversation with doctor over video conference from Kolkata. We always keep our own stock of medicine if there is any emergency. In any case a student is willing to buy medication prescribed from outside, they can purchase those from nearby medical shops. If there is a major case of sickness or any emergency, they are taken to our own Nursing home “Santiniketan Seba niketan” where they are treated with extreme care by our highly experienced medical expert team so that recuperation is expected at a fast pace. Our campus is a model for all parents who seek for the safety of their own children. It is an ambient place to observe social distancing and proper sanitation.


In this Corona Virus pandemic every parent is worried about social distancing of their children. It has already visualised fatal aspect of life. We ensure the safety of every single student by providing them the perfect discipline of social distancing and the importance of continuous sanitization to remain healthy. Apart from the aforesaid we have already started video conference of individual subject where every student gets equal opportunity to learn and clear their doubts with the aid of highly experienced professionals. This also provide them the opportunity to learn things by not dulling it as in case of normal classroom. These virtual classes create an energetic and fearless environment for study for both students and their parents. Parents can also evaluate the quality of education delivered with this exceptional and specific idea. In near future, virtual classes will be an inherent method for disciplines like education for the forthcoming young brilliancies.


Environmental condition always encounter for a huge impact in educational value and personal living. In modern technological development era, cities have enveloped themselves with huge amount of pollution from every aspect that is neither suitable for proper study nor for personal growth. In this view, our campus can be observed for having the ambitious environment. The greenish nature always motivate a student to concentrate on study as well as to be healthy. It is evident that the greatest wealth is not money but a proper health. The exceptionally architected nature surrounded our campus always provides a spark to remain energetic all the time. Green campus also means self sustaining energy resources. In this regard we always encourage our students to seek for unconventional method for harvesting energy like rain water harvesting. This definitely motivate them to put a spark in others so we can make this society pollution free by abandoning the usage of perishable stock which our mother nature gifted us.


Many renowned companies come to this Institute to hire deserving students. The placement success rate of PURBASTHALI-II GOVT. ITI is impressive. Many students have found their dream job from placement opportunities.